Brand Communication

Brand communication is vital to creating a company’s image in the minds of the general public. We ensure that absolute consistency is maintained in all forms of communication, thus creating a harmonious perception of your business for your stakeholders. All your messages in the media or during business interactions will be released with a consistent company logo/corporate color that set your brand apart from the rest.


Promotional Material Development

As per your company’s specific needs, promotional items such as websites, brochures, calendars, stationeries, bags etc are developed. We ensure that your brand’s name and logo is consistently communicated in all public/business exchanges.


Advertising Concept Development and Production

We conceptualize and produce advertisements for magazines, newspapers, TV, radio etc; as suited for promotion. We tailor these tasks by mapping the target audience and the possible impact/effectiveness through the chosen media.


Media Releases

When you are dealing with the media, you need to get your message right the first time around. Often, there are no second chances.

When it comes to releasing company/brand information to the media, Candid Services will work in complete co-ordination with you and will only release news and announcements you wish to make public.


Event Management and Marketing

We organize and manage all necessary corporate events that your company needs to conduct. From the first planning meeting down to the final element, we assist the company in every detail in complete coordination with members of your organization, keeping in mind your requirements.

A good media event can be an invaluable way of getting your message across and Candid Services has an impeccable track record in creating events with maximum style and impact. We generate strong interest within the media, ensuring they have an informative and positive experience to write about.


Public Relations

We work hand in hand with your company to establish, promote and maintain your public image.

Public relations includes creation and distribution of information, primarily in the form of stories, published or broadcast by mass media such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Therefore PR has the power to reach millions of people with a nominal financial outlay.

Depending on the nature of each of our client’s business, Candid Services will develop a public relations campaign to complement their marketing strategies. The PR campaign may involve a combination of media relations, event management and/or social media.


Cyber Communication

The availability of the Internet has changed the media scene forever. Stakeholders have vastly increased access to information, services and products. Social media has become a crucial marketing tool as it allows us to communicate directly with our target audience.

The team at Candid Services can help you navigate the Internet and use it as a central tool for your marketing activities. Your brand is well publicised through social media marketing via social networks such Facebook, Twitter, Linked in etc. Blogs and follow up on feedback mechanisms from consumers are set up, as necessary. Newsletters, containing information about upcoming events/new products, are also issued out to stakeholders.


Copy Writing

Copywriting involves strategic writing that promotes for example, a product, certain business, an opinion, or an idea, with the ultimate intention of having the reader take some form of action. It is undoubtedly one of the most essential elements of effective marketing/communication. The team at Candid Services offer highly developed writing and editing skills to successfully communicate compelling accounts that will alter the mindset of your target audience.


Customer Relationship Management

It is imperative for companies to have a strategy in place to manage their interactions with an overall goal of finding, attracting and winning over new clients. It is equally important to nurture and retain the existing clients. Customer Relationship Management is very important to reduce the cost of marketing and client service by holding on to the stakeholders

Candid offers a wide range of services to effectively acquire, manage and retain your clients and to win back the loyalties of your previous stakeholders.


Video/Documentaries Production

Candid helps produce high quality video which garners mass appeal. We carry out both pre-production and post production works of a video project to achieve high quality and in-budget production. Our team is capable to produce normal video as well as 2-D or 3-D animation videos.