Authentic Nepali dumplings

MoMoMe iPhone and Android App is for users looking to find a great Momo outlet while on the move, absolutely anywhere on the planet. Momo, the authentic Nepali dumplings taken with Momo Achar, is already a household name. The unofficial but inarguably the most popular Nepali dish, Momo has fans in and out of the country, and growing by the minute. Via MoMoMe iPhone App, an user can add photo/location of their preferred Momo outlet, rate it on hygiene and overall experience, and the information will be available for all. A platform like this makes direct information flow between available Momo businesses and consumers possible and very much convenient.

Candid conceptualized and developed the App for all the MoMo lovers of the world. It has already crossed 10 thousands downloads on the App stores.