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TripCaptcha app is designed to help you capture every details of your trip such as photos, date & time, geo location, detailed story of a location, sound bites and video. TripCaptcha works even when you don’t have an internet connection. It helps you capture and log all the details of a trip and post it online at a later time when you have an internet connection. TripCaptcha publishes your trip details at and also lets you upload its link on your FaceBook, Twitter or Linked In wall to notify your friends about your trip.

The App is an essential tool for people who wish to record trip details, be it travel logging or an expedition journal.  You are out on a journey and internet connection is not available, but you wish to document accurate journal of your trip which you could later share on social media or just keep on your mobile phone for your record. “TripCaptcha” App has just made that possible. You can now go ahead and capture all the details.

Detailed Description

Don’t have an internet connection to post your status? Can’t check in from an awesome place you just discovered? Can’t remember where you have been on your last journey? Can’t find the right photo? All these are too common frustrations. Believe us, we have felt it too.

Hence we came up with an app that lets you record the details of your journey as it unfolds and when you are ready, you may share them with the rest of the world via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or on our popular portal

TripCaptcha  is a free app designed to capture vital details on your trip. It lets you create a trip with name, photo, geo location, date and description. You will be able to share your trip details as well as view trips discovered by others around the world. It conveniently lets you post trip details on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and TripCaptcha portal. You may also e-mail the trip details to your friends or your publishing team.

Go ahead, create all your check in offline and post it on FaceBook later.

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Candid designed the App concept and all the creative designs for the App.