It was lovely to have you all for Business Square 3! Thank you all for coming by and getting the event buzzing with excitement!

Once again, we were very pleased to hear compliments on the acoustic music performance by Samartha that started off the show and equally pleased to see all of our guests so involved in the Pack My Lunch business interaction! The Event Square iOS App we demonstrated at the venue shall have its andriod version by the next event. We’re happy to see that the App caught all of your attention and that some of you are already using it!
Congratulations to Mamata Pokharel for winning a free lunch delivery from Pack My Lunch, with the right answer!
We hope you met some interesting people and made fruitful connections. If that is yet to happen, it shall definitely happen in the month to come. Can’t wait to see you all at 4th Business Square on 22nd August! We again promise to deliver a complete entertainer with drinks, music, food, gifts and of course business!!